Ensemble ConTempo Beijing

Established in May 2011, Ensemble ConTempo Beijing is the first contemporary ensemble in China which combines traditional Chinese instruments with those of the West. The ensemble’s goal is to promote the development of modern Chinese music and to support China’s musical interaction with other countries; it seeks out and cultivates contemporary Chinese composers and performers, and aims to connect musicians from all over the world. By means of contemporary music, Chinese culture can be illustrated in a global context and the cultural significance of traditional Chinese instruments newly evaluated and better understood.

Since its foundation, the ECTB has been invited to various international festivals and venues, such as the Dresden Festival for Contemporary Music, XXXVII. (Poland) and the Tongyeong International Music Festival (Korea). ECTB’s concerts have been broadcast by Deutschlandfunk and Northern German Broadcasting (NDR). In addition, Ensemble ConTempo Beijing’s repertoire includes over 80 contemporary works, and the ensemble gave the world premiere of 31 of these pieces.