Lockdown Diary

Lockdown Diary

With a video “Lockdown Diary” the Leipzig ensemble Tempus Konnex supports and encourages composers and musicians to think creatively during these challenging times. In partnership with the Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig (FZML), Tempus Konnex founded the Ensemblefestival for contemporary music, which celebrated its first season in November 2020. The ongoing pandemic has prompted the artistic sector, including our festival, to scrutinize and reconceive conventional concert formats. Through these video diary entries, we are offering fresh compositions a platform, and continuing our momentum towards the second half of the Leipzig Ensemblefestival in April 2021.

Lockdown Diary #1

Sequenza VII by Luciano Berio (1925-2003)
Qing Lin, oboe

Lockdown Diary #2

Rush by Augusta Read Thomas (*1964)
Jessica Ling, violin

Lockdown Diary #3

”                             ” (2016) for Bb Clarinet by Jacques Zafra (*1986)
Emanuel Dantscher, clarinet

Lockdown Diary #4

+++World Premiere+++
Plateau (2020) for cello by Gregor Forbes (*1993)
Nathan Watts, cello

Lockdown Diary #5

Interludium for guitar and fixed media (2-Channel Version) (2018) 
by Beste Özçelebi (*1983)
Martin Steuber, guitar

Lockdown Diary #6

Extensions for flute solo by Ruud Roelofsen (*1985)
Delphine Roche, flute

Lockdown Diary #7

Lysozyme Synthesis for piano (2003) by Jaime Reis (*1983)
Alberto Carnevale Ricci, piano

Lockdown Diary #8

Mirrors for flute and cello (1997) by Kaija Saariaho (*1952)
Delphine Roche & Nathan Watts, flute & cello

Lockdown Diary #9

„L‘escalier du diable“ n°13 by György Ligeti (1923-2006)
Alberto Carnevale Ricci, piano

Lockdown Diary #10

Cáscara for guitar and tape (2016) by Diego Lozano (1988)
Martin Steuber, guitar

Lockdown Diary #11

+++World Premiere+++
SCHANDE (2020) by Wieland Hoban (1978)
Nathan Watts, cello

Lockdown Diary #12

After Serra (2000) by Jason Eckardt (1971)
Delphine Roche (flute), Emanuel Dantscher (clarinet), Alberto Carnevale Ricci (piano), Jessica Ling (violin), Nathan Watts (cello)

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