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The 2020 Ensemble Festival for Contemporary Music ends online

Originally it was planned that the compositions of the three award winners Rafael Renteria (Mexico), Tobias Fandel (Germany) shared the second prize. The third prize was awarded to Jug K. Markovic (Serbia) would be performed by Tempus Konnex last winter as well. Due to organizational reasons this was not possible at that time, but it took place afterwards in spring 2021. From 2nd June (18:00 hrs) the concert, that was produced on a high level, will be available online for free.

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WITH Lockdown Diary BY Tempus Konnex

Lockdown Diary #19

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entre sombras y reflejos (zwischen Schatten und Spiegelbilder) (2020) by Carlos Cárdenas (*1985)
Delphine Roche, flute

Lockdown Diary #18

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clariMIXnetTUR’15 (2015) by Héctor Oltra García (*1976)
Emanuel Dantscher, clarinet

Lockdown Diary #17

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rational choices (2019) by Tobias Fandel (*1986)
Delphine Roche (flute), Emanuel Dantscher (clarinet), Alberto Carnevale Ricci (piano), Jessica Ling (violin), Nathan Watts (cello), Tobias Fandel (conductor)

Lockdown Diary #16

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Born in winter (2019) by Jug K. Marković (*1987)
Nathan Watts, cello

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For the first installment of the Ensemblefestival for Contemporary Music, there is also a festival catalogue available with all the information concerning the events and those involved. The catalogue is only available in a digital form.


Ensemblefestival for Contemporary Music 2020 takes place online

Between 19 and 22 November 2020, Leipzig, the city of music, will be enriched by a prestigious contemporary festival. In its first edition, the Ensemblefestival for Contemporary Music 2020 will bring together distinguished ensembles from Japan, China, Russia and Germany. Numerous world and European premieres will be included in a program that explores the international trends in contemporary music. A mixture of live concerts and virtual events had already been planned due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in view of the current restrictions, all events will now be presented online beginning on the November 19, 2020.

The program is here

The event schedule for the first Ensemblefestival for Contemporary Music is now online offering an exciting line-up of top-class international concerts (live and online), workshops and lectures (both online). You can find out more information about these events and ticket sales below.


Award winners of the International Composition Competition have been chosen

The Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [FZML] launched an international composition competition in cooperation with the Leipzig-based ensemble Tempus Konnex and received applications from over 50 countries. The award winners were selected by a top-class international jury consisting of the composers Dr. Oscar Bianchi, Prof. Dr. Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, JiYoun Doo (Tempus Konnex) and Thomas Christoph Heyde (FZML) and the conductor Titus Engel.

A first place was not awarded. The shared second place went to Rafael Rentería (Mexico) and Tobias Fandel (Germany), the third place to Jug K. Marković (Serbia).

The prize-winning compositions will be performed during the festival by the ensemble Tempus Konnex.


International Composition Competition

For the 2020 Leipzig Ensemble Festival for Contemporary Music, the Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig [FZML] together with the ensemble Tempus Konnex is holding a international composition competition. Composers of every nationality and age are eligible to participate in the competition. A jury will award three prizes totaling €3,800.

FZML and the ensemble Tempus Konnex under one roof

The artistic director of FZML, Thomas Chr. Heyde, and JiYoun Doo, the artistic director of the ensemble Tempus Konnex, decided to join forces with their organizations in a long-term cooperation. As a result, the well-established FZML is enriched by a group of young, international musicians that has developed into a top ensemble over the last few years.

This collaboration was given its trial run within the scope of the 2019 IMPULS Festival and will continue in the future with the Ensemble Festival for Contemporary Music.

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